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sempermed® supreme duo

THE ONE STOP DOUBLE-DONNING SOLUTION: latex surgical gloves sempermed® supreme and sempermed® supreme green underglove packed together in one peel pouch, powder-free and with quick-don™ synthetic inner coating.

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The sempermed® supreme duo comes double-packed with one pair of sempermed® supreme and one pair of sempermed® supreme green. Design and thickness of both gloves facilitate ease and comfort of double donning. The green colour of the underglove clearly indicates any fluid penetrating in between the two layers. In addition, sempermed® supreme duo saves 50% in plastic packaging material, accounting for savings in costs, time as well as contributing to environmental and resource conservation. The perfect supreme couple for enhanced safety and fast and clear detection of perforation during surgeries.


    Two pairs in one peel pack sempermed® supreme and sempermed® supreme green.
    Thanks to an optimised synthetic inner coating. 
    Clear detection of perforations due to an underglove that is 1/2 size bigger.
    Thinner wall thickness of underglove for great fit & feel.



Sterile surgical glove for single use, with synthetic inner coating


Natural Rubber (NR) 

Internal finish

Powder-free polymer coated

Glove surface



sempermed® supreme
Natural white

sempermed® supreme green underglove

Glove Shape

Fully anatomical with curved fingers and rolled rim


Overall length as per EN 455-2
5 ½, 6 and 6 ½            min. 270 mm
7, 7 ½ and 8                min. 280 mm
8 ½ and 9                    min. 285 mm

Wall thickness

Measured in double layer in the palm area

sempermed® supreme
0.42 +/- 0.03 mm

sempermed® supreme green underglove
0.37 +/- 0.03 mm

Barrier performance

Tightness as per EN 455-1
AQL 0.65 

Force at break

as per EN 455-2
median ≥ 12 Newton 


in original packaging if stored as per ISO 2230
3 years




EN 1041, EN 455, EN 420, EN 421, EN 374, ISO 15223


Double-packed, left and right glove with turned up cuff in inner pouch, ozone-tight, sealed in medical peel pack.
In dispenser carton with sterilisation indicator: 25 pouches
In transport carton with sterilisation indicator: 150 pouches


  • Medical device class IIa as set out in MD Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Single use protective glove – PPE category III (protection against chemical substances for limited time*) as set out in PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425


*Please note that all Sempermed products must be used in accordance with the Sempermed chemical resistance and the respective declaration of conformity.

Failure to observe this information, in particular with regard to chemical resistance, frequency of use and tolerability of the gloves, can result in personal injury and/or material damage. Sempermed is not liable for incorrect use of the gloves nor will Sempermed be liable for improper storage and handling. In case of indications of damage or unusual signs of wear and tear to the gloves, the gloves should not be used. In case of any doubt, expert advice should be sought before use. This information and classification is up to date as of the date of the last update to this page. Technical details are average values from production and may vary in individual cases. This disclaimer is subject to mistakes, printing errors and amendments.

This product contains accelerators of Dithiocarbamate types. These products should not be used if hypersensitivity of these substances exists. For further information, a list of substances contained in the glove is available upon request.

CAUTION: Natural latex can cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock. Sempermed bears no liability for allergic reactions.


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