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Surgical Gloves

Listening to healthcare professionals and observing them at work, we understand which innovations make a real difference in the operating room. We continuously push for new products that empower and protect surgical staff, care for even the most sensitive skin, and are manufactured in a more sustainable manner. All our surgical gloves are produced in the heart of Europe, Austria; more specifically in Wimpassing, Lower Austria. 

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Why surgeons trust Sempermed

  • Double protection

Sempermed surgical gloves are double-certified, in accordance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC as well as Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425, to ensure your safety. Thanks to an optimised wall thickness, our gloves offer superior tactile sensitivity without making any concessions when it comes to your protection.

  • Safe for sensitive skin 

We offer solutions that protect your skin from common allergies. Synthetic materials which are free from allergenic latex proteins, skin-friendly manufacturing methods like our patented UV technology, and our specially developed washing and finishing process significantly reduce the risk of skin allergies.

  • Quick and easy to don 

Our surgical gloves possess excellent donning properties thanks to the specially developed Quick DonTM technology. The powder-free synthetic inner coating reduces friction resistance, making our easy-to-don surgical gloves ideal for double-donning and intraoperative glove changes.

  • A comprehensive portfolio 

Surgeons and OR personnel encounter highly sensitive or high-risk procedures in their daily work. Our extensive portfolio, containing features like a micro-rough outer surface or an optimised wall thickness, offer solutions that empower and protect surgical staff and patients.

  • Fully anatomical shape 

With a design based on a natural, relaxed hand posture featuring a slightly wider back of the hand, our gloves allow for superior mobility and ensure that hands
experience significantly less fatigue, especially during long procedures.

  • Made in Austria since 1920 

We develop and produce surgical gloves in Austria. As a globally operating company with strong European values, we are committed to the International Labour Organisation’s
standards, are an amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative member, and are always on the lookout for more sustainable solutions.

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