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Sempermed has been in Wimpassing since 1920

Sempermed – a long tradition of quality

Global Glove experts with over a century of know-how

In 1824, a young innovative tailor named Johannes Nepomuk Reithoffer started to experiment in glove making. Soon, he realised that waterproof gloves would meet user requirements better. His innovativeness and curiosity led him to the world of rubber. In search of a site extension for his prosperous business, he acquired a property in Wimpassing, Austria, which to this day has remained the site, Sempermed is producing its surgical gloves at.

Glove production - from hand-dipping to automatisation

The first gloves where hand-dipped and produced on wooden formers. The production process was continuously improved and by 1960, the glove manufacturing process was already partially automated. Today, our gloves are produced on ceramic hand formers and the dipping process is fully automated enabling efficient operations and high-volume output. As the glove production was yet to mature, Sempermed has increased its research and development efforts to provide the best possible products tailored to customer requirements. 

Innovation is in Sempermed's DNA

In the 80s and 90s, Sempermed strongly focused on research, development and innovation as well as improvements in quality. Sempermed's customer base grew, and so did the popularity and diversity of our products. In 1997, Sempermed introduced the Sempermed® Supreme. Additional brands and specific products followed shortly. Probably two of the most interesting launches in the surgical glove field were the introduction of the Sempermed® Syntegra IR and the Syntegra UV. The latter was awarded with the well-known EARTO Innovation Awards in 2016 for being the first polyisoprene surgical glove without accelerators worldwide. 

But innovations were not only achieved in surgical gloves. The Sempermed® Green Glove uses the innovative Green Glove Technology, and thus reduces the environmental impact the glove production has. 

Only in 2021, Sempermed launched a climate neutral glove in its portfolio, and we are excited to see what the 'glove future' has in store for us and our customers. 

Sempermed Milestones

View our biggest milestones spanning over a whole century below


Sempermed's first gloves produced.


Introduction of the Sempermed® Supreme, the leading surgical glove in Europe.


The Semperguard® Brand launches as a brand for personal protective gloves.


Introduction of the Sempermed® Syntegra IR, a synthetic surgical glove, free from natural rubber latex.


The extra light and elastic Semperguard® Xtra Lite launches.


Sempermed expands its production footprint to Latexx Partners in Malaysia.


Sempermed® Syntegra UV, award winning glove is produced.


The Sempermed® Green Glove with its innovative technology is developed. 


Sempermed celebrates 100 years of glove production and a record output of 160 million pairs of surgical gloves.


Sempermed expands further with additional capacity at Latexx Partners.

What does the future hold?

Discover our vision & mission

After more than 100 years in the business, we are looking foward to the next 100 years of providing high quality gloves. We want to share our vision and mission with you that will help us to shape our future.


We are a reliable producer of high quality medical & protective gloves, providing excellent service to our customers, always focusing on sustainability and social responsibility.


To be the trusted glove expert, setting new benchmarks in providing innovative glove solutions under the highest level of sustainability. ​Always.​

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