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sustainability in glove production is possible

Sustainability is our responsibility

We are committed to preserve for future generations

Sempermed has a very specific focus on sustainability. Our group-wide stringent benchmarks are derived from the group-wide code of conduct and encompasses a globally applicable sustainability strategy that includes targets in the fields of energy, emissions and diversity, as well as business ethics and the sustainable design of the supply chain. All of those apply globally. Our strategy encompasses these four areas: 

  • Environmental issues
  • Employee and social issues & respect for human rights
  • Social & environmental issues
  • Anti-corruption & anti-bribery 

For optimal user and patient protection, medical gloves must only be worn once. As a result, minimising negative environmental impacts along the production process is the most important responsibility for my team and me.

Philip Mok

Constantly improving our energy efficiency 

In terms of processes, glove production requires a certain amount of energy. Therefore, we constantly try to improve the efficiency of energy use in our processes. We are proud that we achieved a significant improvement of energy intensity per produced glove in 2020 compared to 2019 and are looking forward to our 2021 result. At the same time, Sempermed is striving to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions it produces in the long term. 

We even launched an energy-efficient product - The sempermed® Green Glove. With its Green Glove Technology, it is not only energy-efficient, but also provides a number of other benefits. Learn more about the sustainable Sempermed glove products. 

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Happy workers at Latexx Partners Berhad

Social responsibility

Our employees are our most important assets

To find employment in Malaysia, many foreign workers seek the help of recruitment agencies in their home countries. Unfortunately, these agencies operating in a system that allows them to do so, often charge high sums for their services, which in turn means that workers are subject to an employment contract with significant debt. In addition, this creates a situation where foreign workers are forced to stay with their employer to repay this debt.

At Sempermed, it is of utmost importance that all our workers are treated with respect and dignity. We actively maintain a very trustful relationship with our workers through a transparent and collaborative management style and active communication with the workers and representatives at the internal worksite committee. Therefore, when we became aware of this serious problem, we sought out the service of a renowned ethical trace consultancy to explore this issue in depth and help us find fair solutions for our workers.

Full commitment to our workers

Sempermed is committed to fighting all forms of modern slavery. We comply strictly with local laws and the Universal Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Right at Work. The issue of recruitment fees, however, has posed a challenge as the payment of recruitment fees from workers to recruiters happens before their arrival in Kamunting. As soon as we have fully understood the mechanisms, we quickly began to seek a systematic solution that is fair to both, new hires and current staff. With the help of a consultancy, we quickly moved to implementing a Zero recruitment Fee Policy in December 2019 for all new hires.

It is now our policy that workers shall not be required to pay fees to obtain or retain their employment. Where the worker is legally required to pay a fee or cost directly, the worker is reimbursed as soon as practicable upon employment, but no later than 90 days after commencement of employment.

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