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Sempermed gloves used in research facility

Innovation, Research & Development

Our greatest asset is our passion for innovation

Our passion for research and development (R&D) can be seen first and foremost in the people that work for us. In order for us to be able to offer products of highest quality, we need employees from all over the world who can take ideas and turn them into innovations, thereby creating added value for our customers and at the same time ensuring the company’s long-term competitiveness.


More than 100 years of R&D and innovation are in our DNA 

Our head of R&D, Dr. Raimund Schaller, has been responsible for Sempermed’s product development and improvement for over 30 years. Dr. Schaller has been with Sempermed his entire career since 1989. Soon after joining the team, he has worked his way up to his current position. Today, product innovation is still his main interest and passion. Many of Sempermed’s ground-breaking innovations, such as the first hypoallergenic polyisoprene surgical glove, Sempermed Syntegra UV, can be attributed to him and his team. 


What is it that motivates me? Problem-solving. The greater the challenge, the more persistent and meticulous I become.

Dr. Raimund Schaller, Head of Research and Development at Sempermed
Dr. Raimund Schaller

Global network & partnership with universities and research institutes 

Over 100 years of experience in glove production has allowed us to lay the groundworks for continuous improvement and innovation. Our product development success and focus stem not only from the collaboration of our R&D hubs in Austria and Malaysia, but also from partnering with several institutes. Between our two hubs, intensive know-how and resource-sharing takes place, and thus nurtures Sempermed’s innovations. Additionally, we work with universities and research institutes from all over the world to raise the standard of our manufacturing and our products.

Latest technology in glove production

Our innovation activities are at the centre of our R&D efforts. However, our continuous improvements are supported by the use of the latest technology and test procedures, thereby constantly evaluating the entire production cycle. This is complimented with ongoing risk analysis at all stages of production; starting with biological analysis of the raw materials up to the finished products. All these measures ensure that Sempermed delivers the best possible product quality for its customers.

At the same time, it is extremely important for us that the technological processes used are environmentally friendly. Read more about this topic in our sustainability section.


Gloved hands working together at Sempermed

Our innovative products – skin and environmentally friendly

One of our main goals in R&D is to minimise the impact of the usage of our gloves for the end users' skin. We therefore developed a special finishing process with additional washing. This process enables us to reduce the skin-irritating substances and protein content in natural latex.

For our surgical gloves, we developed QuickDon™. A patented synthetic inner coating that makes donning of gloves easier without friction resistance. Get to know some of our QuickDon™ products below. 


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