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At Sempermed we have excellent manufacturing competence in glove production

Our refined manufacturing competence

Continuous improvement is key

Having over 100 years of experience in a field does not mean one can stop from evolving. Even more so, we strive for unbroken improvement and innovation. We do that not only through our Research and Development but in all areas of our operations. Since we control the entire value chain of our glove production, we also have global improvement actions in place covering all our production and packaging sites. 

Our glove dipping line in Wimpassing, Austria


All of our processes at our production and packaging sites are very closely monitored to ensure that our customers can rely on our chain of control. We set high quality level standards as our benchmark along the entire value chain and ensure that these are implemented at every stage. Learn more about our quality measurements in detail. 


A systematic approach to improvement

The basis of our quality is our world class manufacturing approach. This systematic approach enabled us to reach the next level of excellence. World class manufacturing is based on ten technical and ten managerial pillars whose clearly defined criteria are strictly measured in regular intervals. 

World Class Manufacturing stems from the quality management concept of Kaizen (Japanese for change for better / improvement) with the aim of continuous improvement reached by involving all employees and all business processes and the PDCA-cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.

Tom Peters

Quality is everybody's business

This approach not only empowers employees by involving each and everyone in the process, but also helps to reduce waste and losses and thus supports our sustainability policy. Additionally, by removing non-value-added activities, processes can be made more efficient and lead to productivity improvements.

At Sempermed, there is a special focus on the areas of safety, quality, inventory and productivity. Together with our strict quality tests, World Class Manufacturing has enabled us to become more efficient, to operate according to our full potential and provide the highest quality products for our customers. Try it now! 

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