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Sempermed gloves - Made in Austria

Quality Gloves with Austrian Know-How

Sempermed's promise of high-quality surgical, examination and personal protective gloves

Confidence in a brand is essential, especially when it comes to medical and protective gloves, since one has to be able to completely rely upon them for protection when working in sensitive or high-risk environments. Therefore, it is important to know precisely where your gloves originate, which company manufactured them, under which conditions they were made, and whether you can trust in the quality promised by the manufacturer.  

Thumbs up for surgical gloves made in Austria by Sempermed

Made in Austria

Sempermed Surgical Gloves

With the "Sustainably Manufactured in Europe" quality seal on our packaging, customers can be certain that the high Austrian standards of safety and sustainability are met in the manufacturing of our surgical gloves.

Since 1920, Sempermed surgical gloves have been developed and manufactured in Wimpassing, Austria. Our European know-how, an environmentally aware high-tech production and comprehensive quality management guarantee maximum safety, quality and reliability. 

The "Sustainably Manufactured in Europe" seal

For more than 100 years, our surgical gloves have been developed and manufactured in Europe. This century-long experience we have gained is of course also applied in our manufacturing site in Kamunting, where we develop and produce innovative, skin-friendly and sustainably manufactured products like our Green Glove. Have a look at our "Sustainably Manufactured in Europe" portfolio. 

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What is behind the “Sustainably Manufactured in Europe” quality seal?

We are committed to sustainable growth and how it affects future generations. For this reason, we have embedded sustainability in our strategic corporate objectives and have implemented stringent standards. Our comprehensive vision of sustainability is built upon adherence to all valid guidelines and standards with respect to employees and society, resource management, environmental and health protection, supplier management and sustainable innovation management. We ensure compliance with these high standards through appropriate management systems, external audits and certifications.

For our products, this means we manufacture them in a sustainable manner, adhere to the principles of ethical and social responsibility with respect to human rights and working conditions, and observe the International Labour Organisation (ILO) guidelines.  

You can feel comfortable choosing Sempermed gloves. Find out more about sustainability at Sempermed. 

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The seal stands for: 

  • Sustainably produced and skin-friendly gloves
  • Stringent quality controls for optimal protection
  • Reliability of compliance with European standards
  • The use of renewable energies in glove production
  • Innovative manufacturing processes

Sempermed surgical gloves are fully anatomically shaped

A surgical glove's shape is of paramount importance when it comes to wearing comfort. Many surgical gloves are manufactured using partially anatomical porcelain moulds. The resulting unnatural finger position quickly leads to fatigue in the fingers and hand – especially during prolonged wear or intensive use. For this reason, we only use fully anatomical moulds for our surgical gloves that have been made especially for us. The slightly curved fingers and forward-facing thumb correspond to the natural position of the hand, and thus guarantee optimum wearer comfort and the best possible fit.

Gloves used in care facilities

Made with Austrian Know-How

Examination & Personal Protective Gloves

The century-long expertise we have gained at Sempermed is not only reflected in our products that are made in Austria, but is also applied at our manufacturing site in Kamunting, Malaysia. While Sempermed surgical gloves are manufactured in Austria, our examination and personal protective gloves are manufactured in Malaysia - using Austrian know-how. This extensive know-how is used to develop and produce innovative, skin-friendly and more sustainably manufactured examination and personal protective gloves, such as our Green Glove.

High quality gloves since 1920

Sempermed is well-known for its high-quality gloves manufactured using Austrian know-how. As a company, we put the customer at the centre of everything we do, and it is of utmost importance to us that our products are manufactured in the most environmentally compatible and resource-saving manner possible, while ensuring top quality products for our customers.

Invisible dangers lurk at the hospital every day. That is why our surgical gloves are double certified – both as medical devices in line with MDD 93/42 EWG and as personal protective equipment according to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, as a means of offering enhanced safety to our customers.

Manufactured in Kamunting, Malaysia, our nitrile and latex examination and personal protective gloves are double-certified as well, in accordance with Medical Device Regulation (EU)2017/745 and Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
Our manufacturing and contract manufacturing sites have received various Quality Management standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485 as well as and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety, and regularly pass external audits.   

The Sempermed quality guarantee

Social Compliance is crucial

We take utmost care in testing our products and ensuring adherence to high standards. We have taken measures to prevent the exploitation of workers and are committed to manufacturing our gloves more sustainably – for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment. For the manufacturing sites in Austria and Malaysia, it is important to us to ensure consistent compliance with the highest ethical and social standards. As an active Business Social Compliance Initiative (“Amfori BSCI”) member, we are also subject to regular external audits, driving social compliance. Find out more about social responsibility at Sempermed. 

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