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Sustainability in Sempermed's product development

Since Sempermed is committed to sustainability we are also committed to providing environmentally friendly product options for our customers. Find out more about the green glove and our CO2 neutral glove in the next paragraphs. 

The sempermed® green glove - Green means Go 

Not only green in colour, the sempercare® green has been developed with tangible sustainability goals in mind. And what’s more, the lack of any rubber accelerators means that it also offers you a skin-friendly hand protection.

Everyone knows that a green light means “GO”. This now also applies to glove innovation. sempercare® green combines skin protection with model environmental protection. This makes the glove a good example of a nitrile glove that conserves resources while protecting the hands of its users.

We offer the the green glove technology for our sempercare® green, semperguard®green and for customer brands. For the latter please contact our customer service. 

Sempercare® Green

Semperguard® Green

Green Glove technology: reduced gas, electricity and CO2 Emissions and no rubber accelerators 

We have invested in new sustainable and innovative production methods and redesigned the glove production process to save on gas, electricity and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, this latex-free glove is produced without any rubber accelerators thus reducing the risk of delayed Type-IV hypersensitivity caused by residual rubber accelerators such as thiurams, carbamates and thiazoles, which are commonly known as triggers of skin irritations. The soft green nitrile material nestles against the skin and is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. The innovative and pure formulation is chlorine-free and offers high wearing comfort. 

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climate Neutral Gloves

The new sempermed® disposable nitrile glove does not just protect your hands, it helps to protect the climate. Working with ClimatePartner, we are offsetting any CO2 emissions created in the whole supply chain from manufacturing to delivery of this glove, making it our first completely carbon neutral product. Additionally, this new glove is produced using our innovative Green Glove technology, which results in significantly less COemissions and water usage. Now you can choose to make an impact every time you use a glove. 


Products are considered climate neutral if the CO2 emitted has been completely offset by supporting internationally recognized carbon offset projects. Permanently offsetting these harmful emissions, in addition to avoiding and reducing them, is an important step in combating climate change. These projects save greenhouse gases by focusing on forest conservation, reforestation or renewable energy. They must prove compliance with internationally recognized criteria and are certified and audited by independent third parties.

Together with our partner ClimatePartner we have created some climate neutral products for you. 

How is a product made climate neutral?

Learn about our journey to climate neutrality

Calculate the CO2-emissions of the entire value chain

Together with our partner we calculate the CO2-emissions that our product creates over the entire value chain from raw material to the finished product. 

Omit, reduce & offset CO2

We try to omit or reduce CO2 emissions, e.g., by using green energy. CO2 emissions that cannot be omitted are offset through our investments in internationally renowned projects of our ClimatePartner's portfolio.

Labelled as climate neutral

Only then can the product be labelled as "climate neutral" with our TÜV-certified ClimatePartner-Label and ID, so our customers can see how and where the climate offset has taken place.

Introducing the first CO2 neutral Sempermed Glove 

This new and innovative product is our first climate-neutral glove. You can feel comfortable in the fact that you are using a glove that minimises the negative impact on the climate. Through our collaboration with ClimatePartner, we are able to offset the carbon emissions in the production of this glove by two climate projects in Austria and Nicaragua.
These projects also promote sustainable development efforts such as expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs and preserving bio-diversity.


Learn more about the two carbon offset projects our glove supports

Sustainable development in Nicaragua & Austria

Fighting deforestation

Supporting the Nicaraguan forest

The project in Rio Kama, Nicaragua, has turned degraded land into a thriving biodiverse ecosystem thanks to the planting of over one million plants of a native species of giant clumping bamboo, while at the same time also preserving an old forest. Planting and harvesting bamboo are effective ways of preventing deforestation and capturing CO2, since harvesting does not kill the plant and it can still store carbon. 


Protecting the Alps

Supporting the Austrian alpine ecosystem

In Austria, our project aims to protect the fragile alpine ecosystem. As a major tourist attraction, the Austrian alps are vital to the local economy. At the same time, tourism is known to be a significant driver of climate change. This project supports the local tourism industry on its way to climate neutrality through measures which protect the climate and therefore keep the ecosystem intact and add to the quality of the life in the region.

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