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Meet our brand new surgical packaging artwork

We have summarized what changed, stayed the same or was updated for you below.

Packaging design incorporating our new branding

We have a brand new packaging, however it has the SAME: 

  • packaging dimensions

  • quantities

  • article numbers

  • and barcodes


Our new progressive logo

is inspired by the infinity symbol, reflecting our long-term focus on quality, reliability, and customer service.

Semper [ˈsem.per] = latin; always


Our EC Rep and address

have changed. We have seized to be presented as Semperit Technische Produkte GmbH, but are now:

HARPS Europe GmbH 



Our Manufacturer and name and adresse 

have changed. As we are not longer operating as Semperit Investements Asia, we have changed our manufacturer name and address to:

HARPS Investment Asia Pte. Ltd. 




MFG Date, LOT number and Expiry Date are printed in human readable format.

The Data Matrix was updated and printed on peel pouch for improved tracking. 





Our PPE product standards are updated to the newest standards. 





We have updated and added the newest symbols from EN ISO 15223-1:2021 and EN 455-3:2023





Our Manufacturing locations remain the same.





Our confirmity to regulations and product classification remains the same. 



Download our information brochure on the surgical artwork change

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