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01.09.2023   |   Vienna, Austria

Sempermed & HARPS - Stronger together

We are excited to officially announce Sempermed’s acquisition by HARPS Global Pte Ltd (“HARPS”), a successful producer of high-quality nitrile gloves headquartered in Singapore. The transaction was initiated in December 2022 and finalized on August 31st, 2023.  

From September 1st, 2023, Sempermed will be part of the HARPS family. The transaction makes HARPS a major global branded provider and expands its reach into new markets around the world, as it harnesses Sempermed’s surgical glove expertise and opens new channels of growth with an expanded product portfolio. We are thrilled to join the HARPS family, which strongly believes in the Sempermed family of brands and the significant role it can play in growing HARPS’ global presence. 

“We are pleased to welcome the Sempermed teammates to the HARPS family. HARPS views its workforce as the company’s most important asset, and we attribute our success to each staff member’s contributions,” said Haziq Bin Zairel Oh, Executive Chairman & Group CEO of HARPS. “This transaction achieves a key milestone in realizing our vision and positions us for accelerated profitable growth as we transform the company beyond its original equipment manufacturer roots.”  

“This transaction gives us a highly regarded portfolio of products, which happens to align well with HARPS’ continued leadership in integrating sustainability, not just in eco-friendly products like our lower carbon footprint Malachite gloves, but as a key element in our business operations,” added Dr. Ng Thian Hong, Chief Strategy Officer 

Sempermed’s joining of the HARPS family is the first move in a strategic roadmap that will focus not only on leading the delivery of further glove innovations, but also on exploring future opportunities in other protective product segments and beyond its current markets.  

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