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Latexx Manufacturing awarded with WCM Bronze Medal
06.12.2022   |   Vienna, Austria

WCM Bronze Medal for Latexx Manufacturing

We are proud to announce that Latexx Manufacturing, our glove manufacturing site in Kamunting, Malaysia, has been given a World Class Manufacturing (WCM) bronze award. In November 2022, Latexx Manufacturing achieved a very respectable score of 52 in only its fifth WCM audit, allowing us to attain the bronze level for the first time!

Since kickstarting our WCM implementation in March 2018, this initiative has matured into an integral part of Sempermed’s day-to-day operations. The auditors were satisfied with our performance and achievements in many areas, including 591 days without Lost Time Accidents as well as 893 days without Environmental Incidents. At the same time, we managed to continuously enhance our performance in terms of efficiency with improved First Time Right and Overall Line Efficiency numbers.

Reaching the bronze level would not have been possible without the whole organisation fully committing to and embracing WCM principles over the long term, and the strong support and guidance from top management and global pillar leaders.

Sempermed believes in the benefits of a successful WCM implementation, as it is advantageous to the whole organisation and allows us to work more safely and efficiently, empower employees, and create best practices. It also ensures that the voice of the customer is always heard in the workshop!


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