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26.02.2024   |   Vienna, Austria

Latexx Manufacturing earns Silver EcoVadis Certificate

Sustainability & CSR are our priorities 

In 2023, EcoVadis assessed the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of Latexx Manufacturing, conferring upon them the Silver Medal.

EcoVadis functions as a global sustainability assessment provider, furnishing sophisticated and collaborative tools aimed at augmenting performance within international supply chains. The sustainability scorecards offered by EcoVadis furnish comprehensive insights into ecological, social, and ethical risks. Boasting a clientele exceeding 50,000 entities across over 150 countries and diverse sectors, EcoVadis facilitates companies in mitigating risks, fostering innovation, and fostering trust and transparency amongst business partners.

The recent EcoVadis audit at Latexx Manufacturing in Kamunting marks an important milestone. We are pleased to announce the attainment of the Silver Medal, positioning us within the 80th percentile amongst audited companies in our sector. This accomplishment serves as a sturdy groundwork for the continual enhancement of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance in forthcoming audits.

As a recent addition to the HARPS Global family, we take pride in this early success and eagerly anticipate the realization of our sustainability objectives through collaborative endeavors. Our commitment remains resolute in the adoption of eco-friendly manufacturing practices and pioneering approaches, harmonizing with our shared objectives.

The growing importance of transparency concerning sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within procurement chains is evident. Through the EcoVadis certification, our plant Latexx Manufacturing proudly fulfills the requisites for sustainable procurement, facilitating more streamlined and effective efforts in this realm.

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