The NEW Sempercare® green

Not only green in colour, the new Sempercare® green has been developed with tangible sustainability goals in mind. And what’s more, the lack of any rubber accelerators means that it also offers you a skin-friendly hand protection.

Green Means Go

Everyone knows that a green light means “GO”. This now also applies for the new glove innovation. Sempercare® green combines skin protection with model environmental protection. This makes the glove a good example of a nitrile glove that conserves resources while protecting the hands of its users.

How do we do this?

Thanks to new sustainable and innovative production methods, you can now have a peaceful state of mind with the new Sempercare® green, knowing that you save on your eco-footprint while still wearing a glove that is skin-friendly and provides for a superior barrier protection against blood-borne pathogens and viruses. For this glove, we have redesigned the production process to save on gas, electricity and CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, this latex-free glove is produced without any rubber accelerators thus reducing the risk of delayed Type-IV hypersensitivity caused by residual rubber accelerators such as thiurams, carbamates and thiazoles, which are commonly known as triggers of skin irritations. The soft green nitrile material nestles against the skin and is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. The innovative and pure formulation is chlorine-free and offers high wearing comfort. 

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The green revolution

Disposable gloves must be gentle to the skin and good to the environment. Sempermed's Green Glove is setting new standards for both.

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