Our greatest asset is our passion for innovation

Our passion for research and development (R&D) can be seen first and foremost in the people that work for us. In order for us to be able to offer products of the highest quality, we need employees all over the world who can take ideas and turn them into innovations, thereby creating added value for our customers and at the same time ensure the company’s long-term competitiveness. For example, Raimund Schaller, Head of Innovation Management. He has been principally responsible for Sempermed’s development of new gloves and the further improvement of existing gloves for almost 30 years.

Dr. Schaller’s first job, in 1989, was with Sempermed and he has remained for his entire career. Soon after joining Sempermed, Dr. Schaller worked his way up to becoming Head of R&D, continuously showing that he deserved the quick elevation with his combination of great personal and professional qualities. Today his heart still lies in the development of new products.

Many of Sempermed’s ground-breaking innovations, such as the first hypoallergenic polyisoprene surgical glove, Sempermed Syntegra UV, can be attributed to him.

"What is it that motivates me? Problem solving. The greater the challenge, the more persistent and meticulous I become."

Dr. Raimund Schaller



Our global network of research and development makes the difference

Experts from our R&D hubs in Austria and Malaysia work together, sharing their knowledge and resources. In glove manufacturing, regulatory know-how is an important issue and one we are happy to share with our customers..

We work with universities and research institutes all over the world to raise the standard of our manufacturing and our products. To achieve this, Sempermed always uses the latest technology and test procedures to constantly evaluate the entire production cycle. Risk analysis is another key quality marker at all stages of production, from the biological analysis of raw materials to the finished product.

Our innovative products – skin and environmentally friendly

Our gloves are particularly kind to the skin. This is due to our specially developed finishing process and the additional washing, which reduces the skin-irritating substances and protein content in natural latex. We are also constantly developing new technologies. Here, it is very important to us that these technological processes are environmentally friendly.



QuickDonTM – A patented inner coating making it easier to put the gloves on faster

This synthetic inner coating makes it easy to don gloves without any irksome friction resistance.

Sempermed® Syntegra UV 

A new dimension of skin-friendliness. The first hypoallergenic surgical glove in the world, it was awarded the European Innovation Award EARTO 2016 for its skin compatibility and sustainability.

Sempercare® Green Glove

Good for our planet and for the skin of the wearer. This examination glove combines advanced skin protection with pioneering environmental protection through its revolutionary, resource-conserving manufacturing technology.

Sempercare® silk

Cares for the skin with liquid silk. This examination glove has a special film, enriched with liquid silk on the inside of the glove, which offers optimum care and protection, even during prolonged wear.


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