Sempermed's new mark for sustainably produced, top quality surgical gloves from Austria

Confidence in a brand is essential, especially when it comes to surgical gloves, since one has to be able to completely rely upon such gloves in an extremely sensitive environment. It is thus important to know precisely where your gloves originate, under what conditions they are manufactured, from which company they are produced, and how much one can rely on the quality promised by such producer.   

Clear. Understandable. Truthful.

NEW!  The established production process remains the same, but we have now developed the quality seal: “Sustainably Manufactured in Europe” so that our customers can be certain, with just one glance, that our highest demands for safety and sustainable European production are fulfilled. The quality seal is being phased onto the packaging of all our made in Austria surgical gloves through to 2018. The packaging of the following surgical gloves made in Austria are already marked with this quality seal: Sempermed® Classic, Sempermed® Derma PF, Sempermed® Derma Plus, Sempermed® Supreme, Sempermed® Supreme Duo, Sempermed® Supreme Green, Sempermed® Supreme Plus, Sempermed® Syntegra IR.

This seal represents our promise of...

  • ... sustainably produced, skin-friendly gloves
  • … stringent quality controls for optimal protection
  • … reliability of compliance with European standards
  • … the use of renewable energies in glove production
  • … innovative manufacturing processes for products "Made in Austria"

Highest quality

Sempermed has been known for its high-quality products from Austria since 1920. As a company, we put the customer at the centre of everything we do and it is of high importance to us that our products are manufactured in the most environmentally compatible and resource-saving manner possible. In this regard, the priority is ensuring top quality for our customers. Invisible dangers lurk at the hospital every day. That is why our surgical gloves are double certified – both as a medical device in line with MDD 93/42 EWG and as personal protective equipment according to PPE 89/686, as a means of offering enhanced safety to our customers. Our factories where our products are manufactured have also been granted various quality assurance certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and OHSAS 18001, and regularly pass external audits.  

Compliance with social standards

It is hardly possible for users to verify whether or not social standards are met. Thanks to our quality seal “Sustainably Manufactured in Europe”, just one glance is needed to know the origin of a product and how it is produced – clearly, understandably and truthfully. Seeing our seal gives our customers reassurance when using our gloves.  

How can we guarantee this?

We take the utmost care in testing our products and adhering to our high standards. We take measures against exploitation of human rights and are committed to working on a sustainable basis for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment. Our manufacturing facility for surgical gloves in Wimpassing, Austria enables us to be in close proximity to production operations and ensure consistent compliance with the highest ethical and social standards. As an active Business Social Compliance Initiative (“Amfori BSCI”) member, we are also subject regularly to external audits, driving social compliance.

For a good feeling, so that you can focus on what is important at the hospital every day: protecting yourself and your patients.

What is behind the “Sustainably Manufactured in Europe” quality seal?

We are committed to sustainable growth and accept responsibility for the coming generations. For this reason, we have embedded sustainability in our strategic corporate objectives, and have implemented stringent standards. The basis of our Group-wide sustainability policy is our Code of Conduct. Our comprehensive vision of sustainability is built upon adherence to all valid guidelines and standards with respect to employees and society, resource management, environmental and health protection, supplier management and sustainable innovation management. We ensure compliance with these high standards through appropriate management systems, external audits and certifications.

For our products, this means we manufacture them in a sustainable manner, and adhere to the principles of ethnical and social responsibility with respect to human rights and working conditions. We observe the International Labour Organisation (ILO) guidelines and ensure compliance with Amfori BSCI extensive certification measures.  

For a good feeling when selecting gloves.

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