Sempermed has a clear approach on Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable growth and recognise our responsibility to future generations. Sustainability therefore constitutes a fundamental principle underlying Semperit's company strategy.

We are fully aware of our obligations towards customers, colleagues, suppliers, shareholders, society and the environment. We use our resources carefully, treat others with respect and consider the consequences of our actions at all times.

We have therefore made sustainability a fundamental part of our company strategy and have defined corresponding group-wide stringent benchmarks based on our Code of Conduct. This is expanded by global guidelines and standards relating to five core areas: resource management, health and safety, work and society, suppliers, and innovation. These high environmental, health and safety standards apply globally to all our sites encompassing highly industrialised as well as emerging countries. We ensure compliance with these high standards through appropriate management systems, external audits and certifications.

Our sustainability policy forms the basis for clear guidelines for a sustainable management of our business and responsible behaviour towards both people and the environment. This enables us to meet or exceed our customers´ expectations on a worldwide basis.



Semperit Sustainability Folder

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Sustainability Policies

Resource Management

We are constantly seeking to optimize our resource efficiency in an effort to reduce the environmental impact and increase our profitability. 

Health and Safety 

Occupational health and work safety is a fundamental pillar of our culture. Our goal is to prevent accidents and continuously improve working conditions, which will enable us to remain an attractive employer and retain a highly qualified, enthusiastic workforce. To do this, we focus on transparency, integrity and consistency.

Work and Society

We create attractive, fair working conditions. Supporting social projects at our sites around the world is important to us. 


We endeavour to work with suppliers who act in harmony with the environment and society. In doing so, we ensure sustainability throughout our entire supply chain. 


We develop products, services and innovations that are ideally suited to the needs of our customers and society. To do this, we combine high customer value with effective sustainability. The development of innovative products, processes and materials has a pivotal function in the Semperit Group. We focus on combining impressive user benefits with maximum eco-friendliness along the entire value chain.



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