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Semperit Wimpassing reaches Plantinum EcoVadis rating
15.05.2022   |   Vienna, Austria

EcoVadis awards Wimpassing site platinum medal

We are very happy to announce that our production site in Wimpassing, Austria has received the coveted platinum award given by EcoVadis, a renowned provider of business sustainability ratings. Since our first evaluation by EcoVadis in 2018, Semperit has worked hard to enhance its performance across a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility issues, and this award proves our continued commitment in this regard.

In 2018, Semperit started its first EcoVadis assessment of our Wimpassing location, where Sempermed has been manufacturing surgical gloves since 1920 and other Semperit business segments maintain major production such as hoses, sealing and smart polymer solutions. That year – in our first attempt – we managed to achieve a respectable silver rating, and we took this initial success as a challenge to continue to improve our performance.

From Silver to Platinum in Four Years

Motivated and eager to progress, we focused on continuous improvements in all four areas covered by EcoVadis, which are environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. With this additional effort, we managed to improve to a gold rating for the next two years.

This year, thanks to the successful implementation of additional policies and measures, we were able to step up our efforts even further and reached the 99th percentile in our overall score. This means, that within four years of our first evaluation, we were able to achieve an outstanding Platinum rating, placing Semperit in the top 1% of all companies rated by this indepent organisation.

Rewarding Excellence

We are grateful to all our colleagues who are involved in these CSR issues, along our whole supply chain, and thank them for their tireless work and determination, without which this achievement would not have been possible!

At Sempermed, we are always working to develop sustainable products, technologies and initiatives.
Find out more about what we are doing in the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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