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10.01.2023   |   Vienna, Austria

Latexx Manufacturing achieves an “A” Rating in amfori BSCI audit

As a fully committed amfori BSCI member, Sempermed continuously seeks to optimise the working conditions in all its manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our surgical glove manufacturing site in Wimpassing, Austria, and our packaging facility in Sopron, Hungary, already boast the highest possible amfori BSCI rating, an “A” rating.

Now, thanks to years of concentrated, meaningful efforts to optimise our performance in the areas audited by amfori, we are proud to say that our examination glove manufacturing site, located in Kamunting, Malaysia, has achieved an “A” rating.

The audit, held in December 2022, assessed Latexx Manufacturing’s compliance with the amfori BSCI code of conduct, local legislation, as well as corresponding international standards. The thirteen performance areas covered by the audit are wide ranging and cover aspects including the site’s social management system, occupational health and safety, working hours and remuneration. 

A number of areas related to the fair and equal treatment of workers were also assessed, such as the absence of child labour, bonded labour and precarious employment. Finally, our performance in the areas of environmental protection and ethical business behaviour were also audited.

Of course, this would not have been possible without the dedicated commitment of Latexx Manufacturing’s management to enhancing its social performance throughout its entire glove production supply chain.

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