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Virtual Marketing & Sales Conference 2021


Please find below the recording of this years conference and the questions that could not be answered in the course of the event. 

Please find below the questions that we could not answer during the course of the event.

Questions & Answers

When will black nitrile/vinyl gloves become available again?

Both glove types are already in the portfolio again. Depending on the shipment of containers and local stock situation in the US please align with your Area Sales Manager about the current availabilities.

Which glove specialties do you plan to add in your production?

Our focus is on further expanding the Sempermed green glove technology”, e.g., by adding a white colour glove to the range. Cuff length is a topic of big importance thus the 300mm length glove will be added to the portfolio again. And in the short run some additional colours specifically targeted towards occupational health segments are added like the black or cobalt-blue nitrile gloves.

What is the current part of renewable energy in the production?

Energy saving comes first. 88% of electrical energy in WP is renewable. 2 PV projects for WP and LP have been engineered but are yet to be approved (thanks for encouragement!). Moreover, water recycling is now entering our radar screen. 

When will prices return to pre-pandemic price levels?

The return to pre-pandemic price levels on absolute terms very much depends on the further reduction of raw materials and transportation cost to such levels. Taking the higher than before levels for such cost factors into account, we are almost at pre-pandemic price levels already for Latex and nitrile gloves and had already reached such a point for Vinyl gloves a couple of months ago.

How competitive is Malaysia currently in comparison to China as a manufacturing location?

According to a recent study conducted by the MRC (Malaysian Rubber Council), which included extensive interviews with glove makers from all relevant countries, Malaysia has a distinct cost advantage over China, mostly in terms of energy and labour cost.

What is your best estimate for these container freight rates to normalize?

At this time our experts believe that earliest in the 2nd half of 2022 we will see a trend reversal regarding container transportation cost and better reliability throughout the supply chain.

Do we believe we will truly see pre-pandemic prices, or should we likely be prepared for a new pricing floor?

The absolute price levels will depend much on the further development of raw material and transportation cost as mentioned above.

Do you monitor endotoxin and pyrogen levels in your products? Is this standard procedure?

Yes, the monitoring of endotoxin levels is a standard procedure for our surgical gloves.  

What will you predict the price trend for next year? As the oil price and inflation will probably go up.

After the dynamic price development of the past two years we rather refrain from predicting any such trends for a longer period of time. What we can assure is to always offer most competitively given the market price situation at a given time. In general, the last months have shown a quick return to (almost) pre-pandemic price levels.

How can you increase the brand recognition of Sempermed/Semperguard disposable gloves with such a high rate of OEM brands in your product portfolio?

For many years, Sempermed aimed for a meaningful balance between own brand products and OEM production. Given the overall size and high demand of the glove market, this is possible without harm towards either one of these groups. Through constant interaction with both own brand distributors and strategic OEM partners, it is possible to have a comprehensive picture of the glove market that will benefit our innovation pipeline and service offerings in all directions.

Does Sempermed plan to use solar energy or renewable source of energy of to produce its gloves?

Unfortunately not yet. Beside savings initiative, two initiatives are part of our future investment plan. Water recycling and PV.

What's the plan for how many people that will share a room?

Between 4 and 16 depending on the room size. All rooms with 16 will be renovated and changed to 12 in the next months.

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